No one should feel confused about their healthcare.

Nearly half of all deaths from chronic disease could have been avoided. But it's currently too hard.

We're seeing patients getting missed and suffering. Until now, we haven't been able to solve this.

Really, really, slow
Repeating my story
Big medical words
No one listens
Confusing pathways

The difference between having great healthcare or not, should not be your postcode.

So we created CareIQ - the Health Intelligence Platform

About our founders

We've been
where you are

CareIQ founders Janu Shan and Pratheep Suntharamoorthy started CareIQ because of their own personal experience. After years of treatments across multiple clinics and countries, Janu  were fortunate to have been able to walk again. But it was painful. Exhausting. Hard to understand. There had to be a better way.
Janu and Pratheep smiling at each other

Health intelligence platforms empowers you to be more proactive with healthcare.

Helping you manage, monitor and engage with your healthcare journey.